Retreat from your everyday life and experience your extraordinary life.

You are Brave and Beautiful at your core and the world needs more of you.  Enough playing small and staying safe. Enough hiding behind your fears, your insecurities, and the “busy” of day to day life. You are meant to live a life filled with success, fulfillment, and love. You deserve to leave a legacy that you’re proud of.

Come join an inspiring community of women ready embody Brave and Beautiful lives.  Learn to let go of the negative beliefs and limiting stories in your way. Create the sisterhood and support that you need to be your best.  


  • Learn what’s been holding you back, and let it go

  • Recharge your batteries, and have access to your best self

  • Define your "Brave and Beautiful" Life

  • Experience yourself as ENOUGH, just as you are

  • Create a community of empowered women

  • Inspire your life and your legacy

  • Say YES to what’s next on your journey


Join us April 29, 2017

Brave and Beautiful Women's Retreat

Baker Creek Place

Bellingham, WA 


Where It All Began

Hello I’m Steph! Have you ever had an idea that you just couldn’t get out of your head? Have you ever felt a calling to do something meaningful? Brave and Beautiful Women’s Retreat is THAT calling for me. My mission is to create a movement of women who truly believe themselves to be Brave and Beautiful. I imagine what each woman would be capable of individually, and together.  I know that a community of Brave and Beautiful women will change the world.

The Brave and Beautiful Movement has been created from a need for connection and collaboration that I found on my own personal journey. There was a time where I insisted on hustling for my self worth.  I was continually trying to prove myself or find happiness in external success.  I wouldn’t accept help even when I needed it most. Living this way resulted in crippling perfectionism, perpetual exhaustion, and disempowered relationships to myself and others. This negative lifestyle was a never ending game of pleasing and putting others first, while sacrificing my own desires and needs so people would like me. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I finally decided NO MORE! I began to rebuild a relationship with myself.  I reconnected to the Brave and Beautiful woman inside of me and started living a life guided by the fierce version of myself. 

Now I get to live my life fully expressed, unapologetic, and I truly am fulfilled by the work that I do.  This journey changed my career as I fell in love with personal transformation.  Now, as a personal and professional life coach, I guide others on their journey to wildly successful and deeply fulfilled lives.  My aim is to always have a little fun and adventure along the way. 

The inspiring vision behind the Brave and Beautiful Movement does not belong to me alone, it is OURS.  Together with my amazing leadership team we have already begun this adventure. The women in the leadership team bring the depth of their own journeys and have committed their time and energy to this Movement because they are genuinely invested in growth as a community. Their intention is to create a space for you to hone your personal Brave and Beautiful vision, and offer the tools and support to help you grow.  This isn’t about a group of “perfect” women teaching you to be “perfect,” too.  The Brave and Beautiful Movement is about embracing your own journey and connecting with others as they continue theirs. 



Snapshot of the Day

10:00am Retreat Kickoff//Join the Movement

Workshop: Define your Brave and Beautiful

Talk: The Balancing Act with Tracie Gulit

1:30pm Lunch & Wellness Panel

Workshop 2: Connecting with your Brave and Beautiful

Talk: Beautiful Visions and Brave Actions: Putting it all together with Steph

Dessert & Dance Break

5:00pm Wine Down for Lydia Place!